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Janelle Marie Moore

Janelle Marie Moore is a holistic healing and nutrition coach with a background in medical sales, consulting, and business executive leadership. After a personal health crisis leading to several life-threatening experiences, Janelle transformed her own life through the healing power of food. Now her mission is to connect others with this nutritional knowledge to help her clients achieve their wellness goals and revive their health and vitality. Through her transformative 90-Day Wonder Program, Janelle's clients are taking their lives back from chronic symptoms and ailments as well as   discovering freedom from prescription drugs by...

substituting food as medicine.

She'd love to do the same for you!


Janelle received her MBA from the University of Texas at Dallas and spent 17 years in the medical industry. During this time, she primarily focused on consulting with physicians and bringing best practices to their businesses and private practice. Janelle also holds a Holistic Health Coach certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a PAX Programs certification in personal and professional development for empowering men and women. 

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- I believe you are the CEO of your health.
- I believe your body can heal given half a chance.
- I believe it’s never too late to start healing, no matter your age or what condition you’re in.
- I believe you can change the trajectory of your life just by making a few small changes.
- I believe lifestyle changes are not as hard as you think.
- I believe you can make these changes by starting right where you are.
- I believe these lifestyle changes come easily with the right mindset, loving support, and guidance.
- I believe food is either our medicine or our poison.

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I love my clients. Seeing the hope and happiness flow back into their lives makes my heart full. I’d love to do the same for you. Are you ready?”

~ Janelle Marie Moore

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