I have been dealing with primary progressive multiple sclerosis for the last nine years and have tried everything under the sun to achieve optimal health.  Alternative/holistic methods have helped, but I’ve experienced the most effective results through working with Janelle Moore. Her intelligence, passion and structured program has given me a terrific game plan. The moment I decided to implement Janelle’s healing program instead of investing in an electric wheelchair I went from nothing to lose, to something to gain! I feel better than I have in over 10 years! My neurologist even noticed that I looked and acted better than I have in years and recommended that I keep doing what I’ve been doing!

  • I just moved my right big toe and second toe for the first time in three years! In the past, I would have drunk an entire bottle of wine and smoked a cigar to reward myself, but now I reward myself with a fruit smoothie instead…This is a total paradigm shift!
  • I used to just treat my symptoms and now I am treating the root problem.
  • I feel alive again! Thanks to Janelle’s continual support and resources, I have a renewed sense of purpose!  Her program has given me hope and inspiration that I can and will heal. This platform has allowed my brain to say, “You are in control and what you are doing matters.”
  • I used to be afraid to leave the house and had to map out the nearest public restroom when I went out. Now, my quality of life in regard to the bathroom is the best it’s been in ages.

If you REALLY want to feel better and heal your body, I strongly encourage you to connect with Janelle. Her coaching partnership will dramatically change your life.

— Joe K, 51, Business Executive

Since I implemented Janelle’s nutritional suggestions & exercise ideas 12 weeks ago, I’ve lost 15 pounds! I feel energized and determined to happily integrate these healthy lifestyle changes. Janelle’s warm and loving accountability was essential to my success. Her innovative, structured program has forged a strong foundation to propel me forward toward a healthier life. I’m so thankful for Janelle and I look forward to sharing my future results!

 – Charisse, 59, Real Estate Agent

I am a 54-year-old man with a high-stress career, high cholesterol and blood pressure, and a family history of heart disease.  At my most recent cardiologist appointment, my doctor wanted to put me on statin drugs. He allowed a 3-month window to experiment with alternative methods, so instead of taking that path, I committed to Janelle’s 90 Day Program. Since I travel frequently for my business, Janelle designed an easy plan tailored to my mobile lifestyle. A month into the program, my nephew noticed that my suit didn’t fit me right. My goal wasn’t to lose weight—just to become heart-healthy—but I inadvertently lost 23 lbs.  90 days later, my cardiologist said, “It’s like you took a magic pill; these results are unbelievable! Keep up your program and tell my waiting room what you are doing!” Needless to say, my blood pressure and cholesterol are now perfect. I’m continuing to work with Janelle and we have taken the program to the next level. I can proudly say that I have kept the 23 lbs off —I’m playing at my high school weight! This program has completely recalibrated my body!

  • I have a higher quality of sleep, focus, mental agility, and inner peace!
  • I travel every week and I can still succeed in this program!
  • My sex drive and endurance have significantly increased! 
  • I just ran my fastest time ever in a 5k!
  • I am tremendously more productive at work!
  • My work community has noticed a huge improvement in my appearance and my attitude!
  • This program made me realize you can still travel and maintain your vitality!

-David F., 54, Business Executive

I thought I was in pretty good shape before starting Janelle’s program, but I’ve been amazed at my results! My mental acuity has improved and my mind is much sharper. I used to wake multiple times each night, but now I sleep soundly. My cravings have dramatically diminished – I no longer need numerous cups of coffee, that second or third glass of wine, or excess food. I effortlessly shed 10 pounds over 3 months without even thinking about weight loss. As a result, my clothes fit better, my energy levels have skyrocketed, and I mentally feel sharp all day—no more afternoon crash or impulse for that 20-minute power nap. I’m 76 years old and have no prescriptions of any kind. I feel really fit and I walk 3 to 5.5 miles 3 times per week. My food now moves through my system perfectly to remind me that everything is working from start to finish as it should. Plus, my skin looks great! I would recommend Janelle’s program to everyone. 

Thomas, 76, Business Executive

I had been experiencing terrible fatigue that was hindering my work productivity and social life. Knowing that I had a full week of parties, events and business dinners coming up, I sought out Janelle’s help. I’m so grateful to her for sharing her knowledge and her heart. I feel so supported by the dietary changes she guided me to make. Once my big week arrived, I was able to indulge wholeheartedly in the festivities, foods, party drinks and dancing without fear. What a difference in my body! Janelle makes it easy to understand the importance of lifestyle changes and how simple it is to shift a habit or pattern. Because she clearly illustrated the practical application of how to utilize the right healing foods at the right time, it made change so easy to implement. She even connected me with the right resources, including the best product to uncomplicate the daunting task of juicing. So far, I’ve lost 8 pounds by adding a couple of effortless, yet critical modifications to my morning regimen to restore my health and vitality. I feel clean from the inside out. I continually receive compliments on how beautifully clear and glowing my skin is and how youthful I look. Thank you. I’m converted.

Trudy, 57 Entrepreneur and Business Owner.

I am a 73-year-old woman who thought I was in relatively good health. However, when I heard about the wonders that Janelle’s program did in my friend, I was curious to see how she could help me improve. Since implementing Janelle’s 90- Day Wonder Program, the following miracles have happened:

  • Hair Loss – reduced
  • Bloating – GONE
  • Swelling of hands and feet – GONE
  • Shoe size – reduced by a half size
  • Rosacea – GONE
  • Dry facial skin – GONE
  • Dry cracked heels and feet – GONE
  • Indigestion – GONE
  • Heart Burn – GONE
  • Weight Loss — I won’t get on the scale but my clothes aren’t tight anymore!
  • Hearing improvement – I can hear the sermon at church now with no struggle.

This transformation has inspired me to continue with food modifications, preparation, and intake. When you feel better and can also see a difference, it’s all worth the effort!

-Laura L.,73, Interior Designer



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